Enlarge Your Ad Copy with Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions have not been around very long, but they are being adopted very quickly by all the major search engines to increase exposure to placement ads.

Google rolled out Ad Extensions as an optional feature for advertisers to send traffic to different parts of their website and to showcase information such as phone numbers in a select area so that ad content would not be overcrowded with general store information.

Now, all within one ad you can showcase your business phone number (and track it properly), four different areas of your website, review ratings as well as price points for physical goods or services. Enlarging your search ads through more content and relevant information for your searchers.

How Do Ad Extensions Work

Yahoo!, Bing and AdWords all accept ad extensions. Ad Extensions show together with an advertiser’s ad copy to give the searcher more information up front to better qualify them as a lead prior to the click.

However the mechanism behind whether or not your ad extensions show and how often; is tied to a historical overview of the advertiser’s account.

Typically, the more you pay over time, the more likely that ad extensions will show with your ad copy even when the impression pool is limited.

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Types of Ad Extensions

  • App Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Consumer Ratings Annotations
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets
  • Location Extensions
  • Previous Visit Annotations
  • Review Extensions
  • Seller Rating Annotations
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Social Annotations
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Google and other search engines have begun adding multiple ad extension varieties, from Sitelinks and call extensions to reviews and Google Places (Maps) locations for the brick and mortar businesses.

Ad extensions are so frequently used that they bring a small but favorable percentage boost during auctions against competition not leveraging ad extensions.

Going forward, dynamically generated snippets or dynamic “ad extensions” will play a huge role in every single pay per click account.

Whether you’re on Bing, Yahoo! or Google, ad extensions will play a factor in any niche. Passing engaging information such as third party reviews and price points. But also shows up to date inventory stock, online or offline availability & the ability to use geographical targeting/interests to swap out contents from your ad extension.

But also shows up to date inventory stock, online or offline availability & the ability to use geographical targeting/interests to swap out contents from your ad extension. You wouldn’t want to show a virtual menu for a steakhouse to a vegetarian, now would you?

The world of pay per click and advertising is expanding rapidly. Now, more than ever it is imperative to placate yourself on the top.

To get there you need a core group of people who know how to tie in all your various internet based assets together and bring together your e-mail with your PPC while improving your re-marketing and optimizing your content and landing pages consistently all the meanwhile; not slipping in SEO rankings.

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