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Creating The Attribution Model

Attribution modeling from a marketing perspective is the ability to be able to partition or segment your websites traffic into identifiable and actionable buckets to better engage with them on a personal level. WebCroppers will analyze previously gathered data from every single marketing source directed at your business and attribute it a behavioral cause and effect label to better understand what approach must be taken with that specific traffic. Attribution modeling provides insight into why a combination of actions taken lead users to perform a desired action. We analyze the following:

  • Opener – First touch point in the completed funnel
  • Closer – Last touch point in the completed funnel
  • Internal – Started and ended the completed funnel
  • External – Influenced by any touch point throughout the funnel except for first and last
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Now that your data is attributed, you can begin to understand how to engage with your audience on a one-to-one level. If your data points to traffic which is responsive to your direct marketing, an opener attribution model would be wise to use to gain the largest response from your targeted audience.

Accurate results are based off accurate attribution modeling. To only look at data points which resulted in a sale would be to dismiss further improvements to personalize the relationship between the company and its audience. It’s important to look at the data of those who did not purchase a product or request about a service offered and why.

Standard attribution modeling is broken down into the following by Google Analytics

Last Interaction
Last non-direct click
Last AdWords Click
First Interaction
Time Decay
Position Based

To be able to create a programmatic framework to optimize your traffic, attribution data must be compiled to understand how to better engage with your audience. WebCroppers offers tailored technologies and services for businesses that require heavy lifting to improve overall sales but work cohesively with the present to nurture the current foundation. If you don’t have an attribution modeling guideline already set up we will set one up for you.

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