Start by choosing a specific goal for your SEO. Do you need more traffic? Do you want to rank higher for certain keywords and terms? Decide what the goal of your content strategy should be.

Remember, your goals should be relevant to you and where you are now. You should know that you’re not going to go from the 20th page to the first after a few good SEO articles. The aim of this post is to help you identify your goals and help you learn how to measure your success over time. When you can accurately measure the success or failure of your strategies, you can then adjust that strategy for better results.

What’ Your Ultimate Goal?

For the most part, what people want to see is more organic traffic for their website. This way, you spend less money on paid terms and you rank higher in the long run because search engines see you as relevant.

So how do you get more traffic? You’ve probably already guessed that for better organic traffic, you need great content and off-page SEO to circulate your material, like social media and press release publications.

The real question becomes how you measure the success of what you try?

Most people struggle to measure content success because it can take weeks, even months, to verify the results.

Content SEO Results

Higher rankings

After search engines first crawl your new article or page, be sure to note its placement. With your current articles, see how they rank as well. Next, compare the data with your other articles to see which ranks better on average. For the ones that rank better, see what makes them successful, the structure, the imagery, the SEO strategy you implemented. This may take time, but you can use this strategy to keep getting better and better content.

More traffic

You should also pay attention to your analytics data. You should focus on the number of unique visitors per week. If you have pages with more unique visitors, you should prioritize that over articles with more visitors, but most of them are returning guests. If this metric is increasing, you know your current strategy is working and you can get a feel for what works, in general.

More sales

This is something that every business owner wants to see and something you’ll notice right away. This will, however, take some time to track. A good SEO content strategy will take a while to see the results. You must track how many conversions come from your new articles or pages and see which one gets more conversions. Test different SEO strategies by launching multiple articles at once and seeing which one brings back the most.


Our takeaway is that you should take your time to properly measure the effects of your content; check your analytics tools to see what pages or articles are doing the best and based on that information, refine what works the best. Quality content SEO, once you know the basics, becomes a matter of trial and error and you need to gather the data to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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