E-mail Marketing Packages


Dipping your toes into email marketing? The Leaf Package is best for businesses that need a responsive template for their new business (mobile & desktop compatible) or those who only send emails on a quarterly basis.

The Leaf Package is priced monthly. Additional monthly emails must be purchased and scheduled ahead of time as add-ons.


The Acorn Package is best suited for businesses that want to send emails on a monthly basis without harming the subscriber rate by bombarding your customer’s inboxes.

If you’re already accruing subscribers for your business and want to start capitalizing on their interest in a more conservative approach, this package is for you.


 You have subscribers. You have an abandoned cart email in place. What’s the next step? The Sprout Package is meant for growth and optimization.

We analyze the already existing stream of subscribers, audit the already in place email templates and abandoned cart automation and make suggestions based on data to best reduce waste and increase engagement.

The Mighty Oak

If you are an experienced business, with specific goals or someone who needs help with just one aspect of email marketing, this package is for you. We can customize over 60 different email services to best suit your needs.

If you’re only interested in the responsive template – that can be priced out individually. On the other hand, we can also take over enterprise level email marketing campaigns and optimize them to their full potential.

Email Marketing Packages Explained

Throughout the last 30 years, email marketing has evolved tremendously. Initially, it began as a novelty service for those who had early access to computers and the internet.

As of 2016, this ‘novelty service’ has accumulated 2.5 billion users.

Some positives for email marketing

  1. Half of American Internet users check or send email every day
  2. Exact return on investment with every email send
  3. Cost-effective method of marketing

To take full advantage of these amazing opportunities, marketers and businesses must break up their email marketing approach into three distinct ways:

  1. Transactional Emails
  2. Direct Emails
  3. Mobile Emails (Responsive)

WebCroppers email marketing packages are tailored to give you full control over which email marketing tactics you need most.

Are you interested in creating meaningful and engaging content to send to your subscribers? Do you need a template to seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile? Has your return on investment declined in direct sales?

By identifying your core issue(s) and looking over the following email marketing packages, you can reach out to us for a free consultation on how email can nurture your business.