You need a way to keep your customers engaged over time. WebCroppers utilizes email marketing for the long term. We build segments around your audience, allowing for cleaner messages centered on the subscriber’s interests.

What does that mean?

Well, we build lists based on conversions, interests, and other information gathered over time. Those lists are used to target people with ads of things they enjoy. This makes it more likely for them to convert. We base customer interests on subject subscriptions, which attract customers on an individual level.

Emails marketing is based on specific actions performed, like abandoning a cart mid-purchase, open rate, click history, and email interaction history. While some businesses see certain actions as a loss, we see the raw data that can help you improve your methods.

Keeping Your Customers Engaged Over Time

By most standards, 0.01% of your emails need to be flagged as spam before an ISP (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo etc.) blocks any future email sent from that address.

In a world where 30% of all email recipients click “Spam” on emails, it’s a scary threshold for any email marketer.

Fear not, WebCroppers is here to weed out “spam” emails from your companies advertising. We take email marketing to heart. It’s one of our core advertising arms and one of the most efficient forms at nurturing engagement with your customers.

91% of consumers check their email at least once a day. 58% say they check their email first thing in the morning.

Based on two statistics, email marketing can be used to tie loose ends from other advertising branches. Your first and last impression may come through email so why write junk content that reads, feels, and looks spammy?

Make your email marketing campaign meaningful. Throw in a “special” or talk about a sale that’s’ coming up the night before it kicks off.

With any form of advertising, there must be a structure to how it’s utilized and implemented.

Building Trust Through Email

Every email that’s sent from a company should be looked at as trustworthy.

The moment an end-user opens their inbox and reads their email, you don’t want to end up in the “spam” bucket.

That being said, stop buying email lists and reusing them. It’s one of the worst things you can do. Those users are primed for hitting that spam button.

Giving Your Emails Relevance

Delivering the right content to your subscribers is the key.

Let’s say you title a newsletter “Hottest Fashion Designs” but the content consists of links to puppy videos, where they wear outfits. Sure you might get away with it but most people will hate being tricked into clicking something that’s not about real fashion.

The overall image you’ve just presented is “Don’t take our emails seriously guys!!” If they expect fashion designs, send them fashion discounts and tips. Connecting all the pieces for them and making the content relevant will bring in higher ROI than those cute puppy videos.

If they expect fashion designs, send them fashion discounts with examples. Connecting all the pieces for them and making the content relevant will bring in higher ROI than cute puppy videos.

Starting a Conversation with Your Emails

Make your subscribers feel special over time. Start creating time segments for your emails to better individualize them.

Is it a customer’s birthday? Do they love your necklaces? Send them a “Happy Birthday” discount code. These things matter people!

Send them an email or a card congratulating them on their wedding anniversary, moving to a new state, or whatever information you’ve compiled about them.

Email Coordination

An email campaign is never truly run on its own.

Perhaps in the future, but for now email must communicate with other marketing channels.

Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media must all be able to reach your audience to show solidarity and conciseness. On the back-end, its multiple gears working with one another. On the front end, the customer sees the clock face, working harmoniously.

Tools and services like MailChimp work wonders with taking some of the weight off your shoulders.


Analytics and the information gathered through your PPC and social media channels are tools needed for impactful strategies.

When you understand 40% of your subscribers are over the age of 60, it would be wise to separate that 40% from the rest of your traffic and tailor the emails sent to them.

Making image-based emails for that 60+ age group could be split tested in rounds over time. However, without the right tools, you might find disappointing results.

Email marketing should be a core component of any serious business. It generates a return two-fold compared to other channels and 56% of businesses are planning to increase internal email marketing in the future. It’s a form of marketing that compliments and supports all other channels equally.

If you’re struggling with your email marketing, contact WebCroppers today.