Let’s face it, Facebook is no longer a social media site.

You may still update your social posts and chat with friends, but how many countless hours have you spent scrolling your feed for an interesting video from a major company, news site, or blog?

Ever since Facebook changed their algorithm to display “relevant” content, they changed the name of the game for video marketing.

So what does that mean for the savvy business owner looking to enhance their traffic?

If you use Facebook video marketing correctly, you can build a social media powerhouse that connects you with your fan base, allows them to shop items from your store directly, and shows you helpful data that you can implement in marketing strategies.

Best of all, ladies and gentlemen, It’s absolutely free.

Leveraging Facebook Video Marketing

Well, it’s a free service but they offer little “enhancements” that have you spend five dollars here and five dollars there if you want to reach a wider audience.

As for Facebook video marketing, since 2014 (when they introduced their native video player . . . the cool one that plays when you hover over the video for a bit), businesses have been using this as a platform for new and exciting marketing videos.

Facebook is even planning to roll out with a profit-sharing program like YouTube’s, where businesses can see immediate returns on their creations. This is in addition to actively engaging with the audience you’ve built up on the platform over the years.

Despite all the negative rumors surrounding Facebook’s post metrics and what their algorithms decide to show viewers, the company has seen an impressive boom in video views. Their revenue from advertising fees has almost tripled over the last few years as a result.

So what does it take to succeed with Facebook video campaigns?

Recognize that you need to build a larger audience on Facebook first. After that, you need to segment individuals based on the data you collect.

Video campaigning comes when you have a handle on your audience and what they want from you as a business.

Think of them as a fun, new way to keep them engaged with your brand.

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