One question that keeps coming up is “Can I improve my content SEO on product pages and do I even want to? Some people seem to think that in this mobile-friendly era, written content looks out of place is distracting on the small screen. However, you want content there to rank for those key terms. What should you do?

Why You Want Content on Your Product Pages

While your products should definitely shine brightly on the page, you should have your standard 400-500 pages to get that extra SEO boost. The question then becomes, where you should put the content so your pictures become the main focal point.

There are a few suggestions that you can use to build beautiful SEO product pages for your website. The first option is to put the beginning paragraph of your content at the top and finish the rest at the bottom of the page. Below your excerpt, place a button that takes you to the bottom of the page. This will give your customers the chance to read if they want, without being encumbered by all the text.

Another suggestion is customized blocks that sits nicely with your products. Have 4 columns in which 3 are products and the last has the first piece of your content would look clean and add emphasis to your categories. Here’s an example of what we mean:

Optimizing Product Page Content

On this category page, they chose to include simple dimensional facts about the bag. However, one could easily include more in-depth content. The product remains the main focus and you get to include the content you want for proper SEO.

There are many ways to get the look you want, you just have to explore your options and see which look works best for your store.

One popular method that many large corporations utilize is putting simply putting the content at the bottom of the page. Take a look at how Home Depot does their category page content.

home depot products

Sometimes the simplest answers are the best.


While many might argue that there isn’t a need to put content on your category or product pages because it distracts from the product, this simply isn’t true. At Webcroppers, we believe that content, designed properly, can increase the value of your products, like in the messenger bag example above.

If you’re looking for a quality design that works well with SEO best practices, then contact the experts at WebCroppers, today.

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