Let’s take you on the WebCroppers Paid Advertising Overview tour!

Paid media has become a bidding war between businesses that share a target demographic. Generally speaking, because of the competitive nature of paid advertising, companies that spend more money have the ability to weaken competitors and eat a larger share of the marketing pie.

However, companies like Google have set up an intricate system in which, if you know what you are doing, you can pay less for more exposure. Without the fluff and promises of other advertising agencies, WebCroppers can help local businesses and regional market leaders beat the competition on a budget that works for you. Plain and simple. 

WebCroppers Paid Advertising 4-Phase Process

Once a business wraps up a consultation with our dedicated paid media experts, we research information about your audience using a variety of digital tools and services. We then present you with a plan for an effective paid advertising strategy. When the campaigns are launched, we take them through the WebCroppers Digital Marketing 4-Phase Process.

Assessment > Strategy > Execution > Optimization.

Your ad for a new beauty product might appear on the home page of US Weekly right by Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian OR maybe your business comes up number one on Google when people search for a prominent keyword or phrase in your industry. All of these things are possible with paid advertising. We take care of the hours of research, tell you the strategy and why it will work, and then we can implement.

All of this can be done on YOUR BUDGET!

We use our staff of AdWords & Bing Qualified experts to deliver results for your paid media. You get a bigger bang (more people on your site) for your buck (the spare change in your sofa).

Our goal is to meet with you and design a plan tailor, made for your business.

To give you a brief Paid Advertising Overview of media formats for which you pay to receive traffic. They are:

    • Pay Per View (PPV)
    • Cost Per Mille (CPM)
    • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
    • Cost Per Engagement (CPE) models.

The biggest and most popular networks for paid these advertising formats are AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo!