Plugins can often help you with the painful limitations of your theme. Need a table but your theme doesn’t have any? Plug it in! Now, you might be wary of plugins that have given you or people you know trouble in the past. A bad experience can make you shy away from plugins altogether.

But there are some plugins that we think are essential and they’ve been on the market so long, been used by pros, and confirmed solid by thousands of people using the platform for their site.

These plugins may not make your site look cooler but they will speed things up and give you a much better user experience, which is what really matters in the fickle world of SEO.

Top 5 Plugins Your WordPress Site Should Have

OptinMonster quotes that the average person loses 70% of their new traffic because you don’t engage correctly with people coming to your site for the first time. This plugin allows you to use multiple templates to create pop-ups and forms that are triggered when a person is about to leave your site or based on the duration of time they spend on your page.

MonsterInsights is another simple platform for using Google analytics so you can see the behavior of people that come to your site. You can use that information to see what people are checking out, how long they spend on the site, and so much more. We use this data to make improvements on your site.

Yoast SEO makes search engine optimization easy. They come with a free version that assesses the content on your page (keywords, Meta description, title, SEO title, etc.) and gives you instant feedback for what can be improved. You can score green, orange, or red. It also scores your content on readability so you can make it a lighter read on your audience.

W3 Total Cache helps you present your viewers with compressed cached files so load time is quick. Google values speed above many other factors so this plugin is a definite must-have.

CSS Hero makes it easier to change and tweak your themes without knowing a single line of code. CSS is the driving force behind every WordPress theme and if you don’t have the skills to change what you want then you’re very limited. This plugin sets you free!


WordPress has tons of themes you can take advantage of for your business that provides flexibility for your site. Just make sure that every plugin you choose is made by quality developers and has been tested thoroughly.

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