SEO Packages


Our Leaf package covers the assessment phase of our overall strategy.

Using our tools, we’ll analyze what’s wrong with your site and give you the information needed to fix it.


The Acorn package includes everything in the Leaf plan as well as the strategy phase.

We will develop a detailed plan of action for your team to correct all the mistakes found in the assessment phase.


The Sprout package will give you the benefits of both the Basic and Acorn plans, as well as the execution phase of our process.

We will effectively assess your site, write up a strategy, and implement fixes throughout.

The Mighty Oak

The Mighty Oak package represents the best of what we have to offer. All previous plans will be included with the addition of our optimization phase.

After fixing all issues with your site, we will implement the latest and greatest SEO strategies on all your existing pages to ensure they are seen by search engines like Google, giving you a higher ranking and more traffic.

WebCroppers SEO Packages Explained

The SEO Packages are built around local, mobile friendly, white hat tactics that do not put you in harm’s way when algorithms change.

We specifically do not perform back linking services on any account for these reasons. Individual services can be quoted separately and can be negotiated as a stand-alone, one-time service or bundled into any of the packages.

The SEO Packages are based on the services you need as a business. The Leaf package is the only package which is based on a month-to-month serviceĀ (Acorn, Sprout, and Mighty Oak) are 3-month contract based packages.