Social Media Management Packages

The Mighty Oak Package

With most of our services, we offer multiple packages but to make social media management effective, then you need to have everything rolled into one complete service. That’s why we only offer our best package that includes everything for our social media services.

If you’ve taken the liberty of checking out our other service pages then you know the Mighty Oak package represents the best of what we have to offer, especially for social media management.

The general idea is to build, manage, and grow every social media platform that you need to make your business an engagement machine. After fixing all issues with your site, we will implement the latest and greatest SEO tactics, we can start to work on growing your audience with the right demographic for your business.

In the end, your social media page should consistently post engaging content, flow well with every other platform, and draw in new customers that love what you have to offer.

WebCroppers Social Media Management Packages Explained

Depending on the number of platforms you want to utilize and the amount of content you need to be created, our monthly price will vary. Of course, the team at WebCroppers makes your marketing experience flexible.

If you want to discuss your needs in the free consultation that we offer to new clients, then we will be more than happy to create a customized pricing sheet for only the services you need, making social media management affordable for your business.

We offer services for the following social media platforms:

• Social media cover image
• Promoted Posts
• Facebook Post Management
• Twitter Post Management
• Reddit Post Management
• LinkedIn Post Management
• Google+ Post Management
• Pinterest Post Management
• YouTube Profile Optimization
• Outreach to Influencers

You can choose what content you want to produce, how frequently you want to post it, and set goals for our team to meet. Just look through our Social Media Management Packages and see which ones work best for you.

To learn more about the social media management services we offer, just click the button below for a comprehensive list.