Social media is a way for businesses to expand their audience and to reach out to their existing followers every day. How do you make noise in a flooded market? What makes your story unique? You may aspire to be like the top companies but you need a way to show you have your own voice and something new to offer.

Your company should become a brand, a brand that you have to work at building hour-by-hour and this includes talking to the people that love what you do. Social media has become the premier way to reach out to people about your business. In mere seconds, you can post an engaging article, video, or press release that your followers might enjoy and can encourage them to take action. Whether that action is buying your product, service, or just sharing the love with other potential customers, you have the power to expand in ways you never dreamed possible.

Why is Social Media Management so Important?

It’s not about posting silly or viral videos to friends and family, it’s about engagement. Even if you make the best product that people love, over time, your customers will lose interest. They forget about the brand and stop getting the word out. To really grow your business, you need to create a sense of brand awareness.

Let’s say that you’ve carefully grown a respectable following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform over the past few years. It’s not enough to have the numbers on your side. You need to engage with your audience. In fact, one survey revealed “46% of people who tweeted at a company expected a response within one hour and 39% expected a response within 30 minutes.”

As someone running a business full-time is that reasonable? For most people, probably not. That’s why WebCroppers has taken the initiative to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of social media management services that will help you build your brand and maintain it.

What is WebCropper’s Social Media Strategy?

The next phase of our social media strategy is to get the people that can influence your profile in a big way. Leveraging these “power players” of social media are the folks that have their own massive following and their opinions are valued in your industry.

Depending on your budget, you can also use professional influencers (people who get paid to drive traffic to your site) which can boost your reputation far cheaper than any traditional means of advertisement with the same level of effectiveness.

By sharing their content and liking their opinions when they apply to your business, these influencers will be more than likely retweet, repost, share, or start a conversation that takes your social profile to the next level.

As your following continues to grow, you’ll notice the effort you put towards engagement will start to increase your conversions, giving you the results you’ve been looking for.

What We Do for Your Social Media Platform

Content is king and we take that to heart. But how does your quality content get seen in a sea of bad Buzzfeed articles and cliché blog posts?
That’s where content promotion comes into play. Once we craft the content that people want to see, we immediately get to work and makes sure it spreads like wildfire.

Working in conjunction with your new or existing content pieces, we get those articles out into the world. Taking your social media platforms to an assortment of random posts to a reliable source of valuable posts is the key to building and maintaining your audience.

People love when a website is consistently producing things they love.

The nightmare scenario that often arises is when a person or an investor comes to a website and looks for supplementary knowledge of their customers through their social media presence, only to find it hasn’t been updated in years. This creates a tension that unsettles the potential client. Businesses that don’t have a lot of resources or are fraudulent often have “Ghost Social Profiles” (profiles with nothing in them). You want your social page to illustrate that you connect with your audience, your open to new ideas and that you listen to the people that invest in your business.

In the end, WebCroppers wants to accomplish a few things when we work with your team to build and maintain your social media platform.

• Create a beautifully designed page that lands conversions
• Consistently create entertaining content using your company’s voice
• Actively engage with your audience as soon as possible
• Engage with influencers that can grow your page quickly and effectively
• Use your social media as a way to grow brand awareness for your business

The next step that you can choose to take with social media management is paid advertisements. All of the top performing social platforms offer paid advertising services that you can use to grow your audience, get conversions, and advertise your products much faster than building your social page organically. These platforms use audience targeting algorithms to make sure you’re seen by the right people too so you can avoid “junk traffic” (people that are not interested in your business at all).

Our years of social media management has taught us to use this tool in conjunction with our other services to deliver one comprehensive digital marketing service that flows perfectly with your website, email, and paid ads. When one aspect of your business moves, it flows like a wave through all other platforms, maximizing efficiency and performance.

If you want to grow a social media platform on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, or YouTube, then contact the experts at WebCroppers for more information.