“Statistics is the science of learning from data, and of measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty; and it thereby provides the navigation essential for controlling the course of scientific and societal advances”

– Marie Davidian

Identify Value In Your Marketing Campaign

Identifying market trends and being able to measure a quantitative value through the use of technology is what conversions are all about.

If you don’t have conversion codes sending you statistics about your account – whether it’s through an analytics program or custom reporting – you don’t know what’s selling at what price and most importantly, to whom.

Statistics help marketers in many ways. They allow us to see how many customers are female, male, old or young. Do they have a conservative mindset or are they liberal? These are just a small number of data points that can be analyzed, measured and controlled.

Countless industries today are consistently dependent upon statistics, creating a so-called standstill in decision making until the statistical techniques are carried out.

Decisions such as whether to change verbiage in an e-mail newsletter or the maximum bid for paid media cannot be made unless there are statistics at hand signaling one probability or another.

To interpret that probability, contact WebCroppers. Our professionals have countless years of experience analyzing and processing statistics to better improve overall conversions and better prepare businesses for the optimizing stages in the future.

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