Everyone loves a simple solution to a complex problem. When it comes to fixing common SEO problems, there’s nothing simpler than the few technical issues we have listed for you here.

So what does “Technical SEO” mean?

Setting aside the content, it really just means the structure of the page, what search engines crawl when they go through your site.

If you notice you haven’t been getting as much . . . or any traffic to your site, then you can probably guess there is a problem with your technical SEO.

What should you look for?

Proper Indexing – The first thing you need to check is if your site is actually indexing. Does is come up with a simple Google search?

You should ask yourself, “Are the right amount of pages being indexed,” “Are pages missing,” and “Are there pages being indexed that shouldn’t be?”

You should then check H tags, subdomains, make sure an older version of your site isn’t being indexed, see if anyone commented on your pages with spam, and get to the root cause of your indexing problem.

Text in an Image – Relying on Google to extract information from an image is not going to work out for you. In multiple tests, Google was able (only somewhat accurately) to extract information from a PDF file that contains only text.

On the flip side, it wasn’t able to pull any information from an image when it comes from search. It’s best to display your content with H1 tags.

Make sure no important information is placed in an image if you were doing this as a practice.

You have Broken Backlinks – This can happen for a number of reasons. You migrated to a different hosting service, you completely revamped the site, you changed the theme you were using, etc.

We recommend using Google Search Console to find those broken links and disavow through Google.

HTTPS – If you accept and store credit card information on your site and don’t have an HTTPS protocol in place for your URL, search engines will penalize your site for not being “secure.”

This could indict that Google intends to give HTTPS sites higher ranking over HTTP sites in the future.

Speed Demon – You have a need for speed, no really, your site needs to be fast or it will lose the proverbial ranking race. If it takes several seconds for your site to load then you have a problem.

Some common issues for this problem are to resize images to be smaller, remove fancy widgets, moving graphics, use programs like LazyLoad for multiple images until you have a more ideal load time.

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