WebCroppers Educational Marketing Case Study


WebCroppers leverages cutting edge digital marketing strategies to increase warm leads by increase warm leads by 450% percent.

In 2017 WebCroppers, a local digital marketing agency, worked with an educational group, California Career Institute (CCI), to radically improve their marketing efforts, which was unsuccessful in the past with other agencies.

 In a 3-month period, California Career Institute got results that exceeded their expectations.

California Career Institute, a nursing school in Southern California, approached WebCroppers with a large scale restructuring project to salvage poor web development, search engine optimization, content management, lead generation, and paid advertising.

California Career Institute: Goals

  • Increase Overall Lead Volume
  • Increase Warm Lead Volume
  • Decrease Wasted Advertising Spend
  • Increase Ad Copy Relevance
  • Increase Organic Presence
  • Fix website UI/UX issues
  • Create User-Friendly Plug-Ins for Employees to Change Key
  • Features of the Website
  • Improve CRM Data Input
  • Create an Accountable Lead Generation Funnel

A New Approach to the Challenge


Month 1

CCI approached WebCroppers in Month 1 for a free consultation. After reviewing their site internally, WebCroppers recognized website development issues that led to the penalized state of their website. By optimizing their HTML and restructuring their CMS pages, the WebCroppers team was able to pull their site out of this penalty and give them a space in which to build something sustainable. This design gave employees the ability to add new and appealing features to the site as they saw fit.

In that same month (Month 1), WebCroppers proceeded to look into their advertising, finding multiple redundancies and hundreds of irrelevant keywords in their ads. By implementing industry best practices for AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo!, WebCroppers was able to reduce the amount spent on ads by 62% and improved warm lead generation (number of students approaching the school) by 450%, therefore increasing their overall lead volume at the same time.

Month 2

In Month 2, once confidence in basic website and client structure was restored, WebCroppers began creating custom SEO content to improve search engine exposure and ranking. Efforts included revamping old content, adding new pages, and creating a blog for more unique keywords to flourish. By the end of the month, California Career Institute saw a 25% increase in organic click volume due to the optimized structure of the site and content.

Month 3

By the end of Month 3, after analyzing data from Month 1, 2, and 3, WebCroppers began looking into the existing lead generation funnel to better qualify leads (understand what makes a quality lead). This data was retroactively stitched with the marketing department for highly targeted ad copy based on reliable demographic models, accurately charting leads down to their ZIP code. In essence, the process became so refined that WebCroppers was able to pinpoint specific areas that would be interested in CCI. Now, California Career Institute has an accountable lead generation funnel that allows them to identify relevant online users, target them with contextual advertising based on their daily lifestyle, capture the leads, and trace where those leads came from.

General Approach

— Alfie Spitzer, Head of Marketing Technology, WebCroppers
“Advertisement and marketing in general, succeed when they appeal to our most basic desires. However, this doesn’t have to be an implicitly negative or corrupt approach. In the case of our client, you’re appealing to a person’s desire to better themselves. Using this as the core, a plethora of factors are used to make each marketing decision, no matter how minute. This way, your strategies should work towards finding people that would benefit most from your product or service; that’s how marketing should be, industry-wide. It’s only when you spam irrelevant inboxes, bombarded ad spaces, and blanket search queries, that you become a nuisance. You waste your time, money, and worst of all, you waste the time of people looking for something specific. You become, in all sense of the phrase, ‘background noise’ in the greater landscape of the internet.”

Using Data to Solve the Issue

—Anthony Fattore, Digital Developer, Content Creator, and Alliterist, WebCroppers

“We run thousands of campaigns, placing relevant ads on video sites, search engines, and all forms of media across the web. Our ads create millions of impressions, which we use to analyze the market as a whole. It’s a cycle of data-driven strategies that continues to get better as you apply more knowledge and experience to it.”


WebCroppers was already well-versed in using analytical tactics to find the right audience. This core knowledge allowed them to place ads on behalf of their client, California Career Institute, in a way that generated the results seen above.

By the end of California Career Institute’s 3-month contract Webcroppers was able to:


Increased warm leads 450% within the first month of taking over.


Decreased spend 62% within the first month of taking over.


Increased organic traffic 25% and pull the client out of a search index penalty within three months.

WebCropper’s step-by-step process can achieve similar results for any business in any industry.

It all starts with a simple conversation about what a business wants to achieve. WebCroppers offers free consultations to anyone interested in using their services. For more information about how WebCroppers can help your business through data-driven marketing strategies, contact us.

Become a success story like California Career Institute and contact the experts at WebCroppers for your free consultation today.