Twitter is one of the most widely used venues for businesses to engage with their audiences. The number one reason that you should use Twitter is that roughly 90% of all interactions, of the hundreds of millions per day, are clicking links.

That means when you post a link to your site, your followers on Twitter are more likely to click on it than any other social media platform you use.

You want to post a cool video of the latest coffee creation at your local coffee bar and link to your site, consider it clicked!

You might be asking, “If this is so great, why doesn’t everyone use it?”

Well, there are two important rules you need to follow in order to gain traffic through Twitter.

Tips on Gaining Twitter Traffic

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Distance and Relationships
  • Entity Relationship

The first is that your target audience needs to be on Twitter and you need to have a strong following of them already.

The second, you need to tweet relevant content that engages your audiences and doesn’t put them to sleep.

If your business sells paintings, people don’t want to see a picture of a picture every day! They want 5-minute speed painting videos, interviews from artists, events they can go to, and so on.

The general flow you want to follow is writing a great article with a headline that pulls people in, then tweeting it with a link and a sweet image.

People will follow your link and hopefully retweet it, which helps generate more and more traffic to your site.


Each of your tweets needs to accomplish two major goals. First, your image needs to stop them from endlessly scrolling. Second, those 140 characters you write need to tell a story.

Without these things, you’ll never be able to pull your audience away from a thousand other pretty pictures with so-so call to action messages.

A few other tips to take with you:

  1. Tweet consistently and frequently.
  2. The fewer words you use the more likely people will interact with your tweets.
  3.  Follow the golden rule, share and be shared in return.


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