Facebook, whether you like them or not, has become a powerhouse for advertising, from your mom browsing recipes to your grandpa posting pictures of your last family get-together, Facebook has greatly impacted our society. As you can imagine, it’s also a powerful tool that most businesses use a free resource to engage with their customers. Many businesses also use their aid advertising service to generate more traffic to their website or physical location. That’s why its crucial for smaller businesses to keep up with the times and monitor their Facebook traffic. So what happens when you see a sharp decline in traffic from Facebook? What should you do?

Why Would Your Facebook Traffic Decrease?

Facebook recently came out with a new algorithm after they lost touch with their fan base. Users first came to Facebook to connect with family and friends and were later bombarded with advertisements on their news feeds. That’s why, going forward, Facebook content will choose a person’s friends and family over content from businesses, even if the user likes that company’s page.

How to Deal with Decreasing Facebook Traffic

You should understand that it’s not just you dropping; it’s all your competition too. The traffic that you used to get from Facebook is still needed. Your brother still needs a gift for his birthday, your mom should still get something for Mother’s Day, etc. You simply need to change your strategy to shift with Facebook’s latest release. While these helpful suggestions may not appear in a person’s timeline anymore, they still need it. Search will always be a dominant player and while you Facebook traffic might be decreasing, you can allocate those resources to the bigger dogs like Google to make up for it. After all, if people don’t see what they need for special occasions on social media, they’ll most likely search for it on Google.

Quality Content

With this shift, engagement is more important than ever. You need to get people commenting, liking, and sharing your posts more. If Facebooks sees your post has more attention, they’re more likely to show it. This means if you produce quality content, you actually have an advantage over the competition that maybe had more time and resources on their hands that simply threw together a hundred different posts that don’t compare to the quality of yours.

Personal Accounts

When you come to a personal channel like Facebook, you’re immediately going to be met with resistance. Think about it. You’re scrolling through your feed and seeing videos and images you’re your loved ones and all of a sudden, you see an ad for backpacks. It’s immediately out of place and it will be overlooked if you have nothing else going for it. Now, let’s say you’re more of a Facebook pro and you’ve tailored your backpack ad to a specific audience. You want to target the young professional. You want the 20-something-year-olds that want to look nice for their new full-time jobs. You should create your working, images, videos, etc. with that person in mind. Maybe your image shows the sleek and slender design, maybe your video features this young man entering a job interview and pulling out his tablet to show the employer his digital portfolio. Now, you’ve used content to intentionally target a specific demographic. Have a very specific intent when you set out to create a campaign and make content.


You need to shake some hands to get your content out into the open. The best way to do that is engage with “influencers.” These are people with a massive following that are well-respected in their industry. If Warren Buffet tweeted about your business, you better believe that will have some powerful impact for your company. Take the time to seek influencers in your industry and try reaching out to them. You may not get a big-time movie celeb, but popular YouTubers and other people might give your business the boost it needs to get going. Some influencers will require a huge budget; others might like your product enough to do it for a freebie you send their way.


You should not that Facebook’s decision only impacts organic traffic, your paid campaigns are still as effective as ever. Advertising on Facebook is a great way to get your business out there and slowly increase your following on the cheap. 100 dollars a month is more than enough to steadily increase your following and even land a conversion here and there, often justifying the cost of it. Make sure the posts or ads you create are powerful enough to grab their attention and make them click on whatever you’re offering.

Facebook traffic decreasing

While Facebook’s organic advertising might not be what it used to, it’s still worthwhile to create and post engaging content. Not only do you create a report with your users but you also lend credibility to yourself as a reliable business and give a sense of approachability. This outlet will help you understand and fix issues with your company that you may not have known otherwise.

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