If you’ve ever had the idea to start a blog for your business, you’re not alone. I mean just look at what you’re reading.

In many ways, it can help you connect with your audience and draw new users to your site. I’m going to use our own blog section as an example to show you how to do this thing right.

To break it down, you should start off writing at least a new blog post a week. Make sure the topics are unique, pertain to your business as a whole, and offer insight into what the user wants.

That last item is the most important. You can’t give a title like “Top 10 Coffee Machines” and list all 10 of your own products. In this sense, you need to be a little unbiased.

We offer free information on our blog that could help small businesses owners with specific aspects of SEO. Most of the blogs we write are long-tail so they are bound to come up on more specific search results.

Writing Your Blogs for Business SEO

Keeping with that flow, start your blog by finding the keyword you want to focus on. This article is about writing blogs for business SEO. “Blog” and “SEO are our keywords.

Now, you need to use that keyword. Google might pick up the fact your article is about a certain keyword but what does that have to do with anything else. We wanted to talk to businesses about using blogs as an SEO tool. That’s why we chose to structure the title above the way we did. We used the keyword “blog” and supplemented it with other keywords “Business” and “SEO.” These keywords are placed in a subtitle.

When writing the Meta description, be sure to include your keywords in a short and concise manner. Many people simply rely on a plugin to do the work automatically. These plugins usually use the first sentence in your content, which doesn’t work.

How to Write Blogs for Business SEO

This is the snippet and Meta description when you search for “WebCroppers.” We wanted to rank for the keyword “local digital marketing agency” because that’s what we are.

You need to incorporate your keyword in the description (preferably at the beginning of the sentence).

This will help you rank and show people what the page is about, all at the beginning.

Content in Blogs for Business SEO

Let’s not forget about writing quality content that your readers want to see. Too many businesses try to write something off-topic in the hopes that it will boost their traffic. This is not the case.

Typically, you’ll write articles that your fan base would enjoy. Our readers are usually small business owners. Seeing tips and tricks that can help them improve their online business is something they’d like, ergo, this blog article.

In the same sense, you need to write for your audience. Obviously, we have a little more leeway because of our business type. You might be more limited so get creative.

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