Your business sets and makes the latest trends but how do you get people to start following your fashion when you can’t get the word out? It can be a little more difficult if your business deals with fashion like clothing and jewelry, particularly selling products online. You typically have one goal in mind when you have an online fashion store, getting conversions. You want people to search for clothing or jewelry and you want them to find your site at the top of the page. Fashion is one of the most competitive industries to go after when it comes to certain keywords. There are, however, some things that you can do to improve your odds of ranking.

SEO for Fashion Businesses: Homepage Optimization

Your first impression of the homepage should be visually enticing and simple to understand. Our client,, for example, sells Southwest and Native American jewelry. Their homepage is designed to go after three different keywords (Turquoise Jewelry, Native American Jewelry, Southwest Jewelry). You can see this present in their H2 tags, the keyword density of their content, and their main categories. From the start, people will come to the page, see the category pages and choose what type of jewelry they want; necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.


One of the most important goals, for any store, is to get a person’s contact information. Our data shows that SilverTribe was most successful with their email marketing. It then follows, the more people to sign up, the more money they make when an email ad goes out. That’s why they made their first call-to-action an email sign up option.

Main Menu

SEO for Fashion Businesses heavily relies on the menu. You need something simple, but give your user access to whatever they need. Starting with the main categories, this company breaks things down to their keywords, Turquoise Jewelry, Native American Jewelry, Southwest Jewelry, and Liquid Silver for their main menu.

Extra Menu

Sometimes, people want to go from your homepage to something very specific, but that can clutter the main menu if you add too many options.

This store does an excellent job with their small category menu that gives the user more options for their main categories.


Most shoppers, especially younger audiences, browse an online store with their phone. That means your mobile impression must be sharp. It looks like by 2018, Google will index the mobile version of a site first. This is good news for someone just starting out and can take the time to make their site beautiful on mobile, but you might want to bring in some experts to develop a site redesign if yours is out of date.

In conclusion

When you deal in fashion, you know going in the competition will be steep. That’s why it pays to stay ahead of the game and properly SEO your site to make an impression on your customers.

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